Framaroot APK Latest v1.9.3 For Android Free Download [2016]

Framaroot  apk is one click apk. Recently  it’s the popular apk as approximately every android user wishes to root, as soon as user  get it to enjoy the unlimited features,like customization and performance. But every smart phone cannot easily be rooted nor is every person expert to understand the complicated root procedures. To overcome this problem some XDa senior members combine their effort and bring out Universal one click root app which is named as framaroot latest app




It is based upon activities and supports android devices a lot. Recently new version of this app 1.9.3 comes out with new features.
With one of the new feature you can run custom writing on your phone and if this app did not contain activity to root your mobile then this feature will also help you.
Framaroot app can unrootyour android phone on your command.
You can download framaroot .apk directly to your mobile or pc from here.
Now new latest version of Framaroot 1.9.3 apk Can be installed in your smartphone, enjoy new world of root.

This application is originally developed by Chinese developers but the English APK versions are also always available.

This app was previously called iroot.  It is a small app with better features than any other rooting app. Framaroot requires the installation of SuperSu for its operation therefore you must install SuperSu if you want to use Framaroot to root your device. Although any other app similar to SuperSu might work as well.

This application is based on activities and supports Android devices a lot. This application is updated regularly by the developers and the newest versions can always be found on this website. Framaroot is a free Android rooting application but if you want to appreciate the developer’s efforts and buy the donation app, you can always do so. The APK file of both these versions of Framaroot are here on our website.



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